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Basic Pricing Schedule:

Stock Initials and Symbols
 1" Round or Square
   No Set-up Fees

 $0.90 each 

Quantity Discounts:
125-249 pcs.- $0.81 each

250-999 pcs - $0.72 each

1000 - 2499 pcs. $0.63 each

2500-4999 pcs.  $0.59 each

5000 pcs. & up - $0.54 each

Custom Monograms, Duograms and Couples  Logos
Additional Set up Fees apply
 $1.00 each
Quantity discounts:
125-249 pcs. $0.90 each

250-999 pcs- $0.80 each

1000 - 2499 pcs- $0.70 each

2500-4999 pcs. - $0.65 each

5000 pcs. & up - $0.60 each

Your Custom Design or Corporate Logo
Additional Set up Fees apply
$1.10 each
Quantity discounts:
125-249 pcs.- $0.99 each

250-999 pcs - 0.88 each

1000 - 2499 pcs. - $0.77 each

2500-4999 pcs. -  $0.72 each

5000 pcs. & up - $0.66 each


Quantity discounts (your cart will apply automatically based on quantity purchased): 
Set-Up Fees:
Set up Fees apply for creating non-stock custom dies where indicated on our website. If your product incurs a set-up fee, the die for your job will be included  with your order for your future use, unless we receive instructions from you to the contrary.
Some colors, especially dark flat colors show the images better with highlighting applied. Our Highlighting method consists of 18K Gold Leafing or Metallic Silver . It is permanent and cannot be removed. We offer highlighting as a 15 cents per piece as a special  option. Please refer to the color chart for appropriate colors that can be highlighted.
Product Specifications & Sizes:
Each Wax Seal is hand made to order,  and by their nature , wax seals can have slight variations in size, shape, color and appearance. These  variations enhance the uniqueness of the product and are not considered defects.
The sizes indicated on our website are the total size of the wax seal (the interior die size plus the edge around the seal).Each style of wax seal is available only in the size indicated.
Production Time/Rush Fees:
 Our general Production Time is as follows and applies to quantities of 500 pieces or less:
3-6  Business Days for Production of Peel & Stick Wax Seals
plus 3-4 Business Days for production of Custom Dies (where applicable)
Please contact us for a specific quote on Production time for quantities in excess of 500 pcs.
RUSH FEE: Please contact us if the above production time does not meet your requirements for any applicable Rush Fee.
Pre-Production Samples & Size Specs:
We will email you an image of your wax seal for your approval on all orders overr 200 pieces (upon your request). On Custom Logos, Monograms or any personalized designs it will be necessary to produce the die prior to creating the pre-production wax seal for your approval. Therefore, the die cost to produce this sample will be applicable and due in all cases,  even if the actual wax seal image is not approved. A physical sample can also be sent by mail upon your request .
Sizes shown on our website are  approximate. Each Wax seal is hand created and made to order and by their nature can have slight variations in color, size, shape and appearance. Natural swirl effects are also common in some metallic colors. These variations enhance the uniqueness of the product and are not considered defects.
All orders for our Peel & Stick Wax Seals are considered Custom Orders, Therefore they are non-cancellable once production of either the die or the wax seals has begun.
Return Policy:
All Peel & Stick Wax Seals are NOT subject to our regular Return Policy, as each wax seal is custom hand made to order and they cannot be exchanged or returned for any reason. We strongly encourage all of our customers to obtain samples of our wax seals to make sure they meet their expectations in terms of color, size  or appearance. For details on how to obtain either free samples or  how to order them online, please follow this link: Peel & Stick Wax Seal Samples.
Payment Terms:
All orders for Peel & Stick Custom Wax Seals must be pre-paid by Credit Card. Sorry, we do not offer other payment terms.