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Not sure which Type of Wax is suitable for your project?
View our Sealing Wax Comparison Table at bottom of this page.
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Glue Gun Sealing Wax Flexible Sealing Wax with a wick
Fast, easy clean application-great for larger jobs.
Mailable -does not chip or break. Excellent all-around wax at a great price.
King Size Traditional Sealing Wax with Wick - hand made Sealing Wax Beads
Authentic King Size 5" sticks traditional Wax- High Gloss - Rich Color.
Genuine Sealing Waxes in Bead Form- clean and easy
Bank of England Sealing Wax -Original Formula Wickless Sticks Sealing Accessories
Wickless-Original Formula. High Gloss-breakable.
Glue Guns, Stamp Pads, Self-adhesive Labels & more.
Sealing Wax Comparison Table

Q. What is the difference between all the waxes you sell?

A. We offer both Traditional and Modern Sealing Waxes: Each type has specific properties, shapes and formulations and their applications can vary. We have created the following table to make it easier for you to select the type of wax you need for your project.

Wax Type SatinFinish Gloss Finish High Bond MediumBond Breakable Modern Traditional Mailable Product Highlight
Glue Gun Sticks X X X X volume projects-fast&easy

Flexible Wax with wick X X X X all sealing projects

Bead Wax X X X X no flame or carbon

King's Wax Traditional X X X hand cancel decorative & authentic-glossy

Bank Wax OriginalFormula X X X No Breakable- high gloss

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