Nostalgic Impressions
The Timeless Art of Writing

Nostalgic Impressions is a company dedicated to the promotion and sale of the finest Sealing Wax, Wax Seal and Writing Accessories, imported from all over the world and brought to you through the ease and convenience of shopping on the internet since 1997. Located in sunny Naples, Florida USA.

Our parent company and wholesale division from which we evolved was created in 1945 to bring high-quality European gift & paper products to the American market. You already find our products in fine retail stores throughout the United States, bringing them via the Internet is just another way for us to acquaint new and old friends with our wide assortment of products. Many of the items you see at this website are distributed by us exclusively in the U.S.

We are a family owned company, now in it's third generation, and are proud of our long history of superior customer service and fine quality products. We look forward to providing you with these services and hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

"While it is true that you can use an ordinary ballpoint pen to compose your letter , it lacks the aesthetic pleasure that comes from penning your message with a quill, glass dipping pen or fine writing instrument, folding your special paper and stamping your own wax seal insignia into sealing wax. If you have never used a quill pen, you can try one here, and feel like Shakespeare for a minute or two."

Visit to our Italian Factory 2012- A Relationship through 3 Generations on both sides of the Atlantic starting in 1955
-From left to right: Marco (italy), Janine (US), Lidia (Italy) Monika (US)