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172XH   12-PK Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Christmas Variety Saver Pack-12 sticks
186XH   12-PK Glue Gun Sealing WaxFall/Halloween Variety Saver Pack-12 sticks
132XH   12-PK Glue Gun Sealing Wax - Pastel Variety Saver Pack-12 sticks
134XH   12-Pk Glue Gun Sealing Wax -Bestseller Variety Saver Pack-12 sticks
137XH   12-PK Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Fiesta Variety Saver Pack-12 sticks
130XH   12-PK Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Pearl Variety Saver Pack-12 sticks
N150X   12PK Sealing Wax - Festivity Variety Saver Pack-flexible & mailable
N140X   12PK Sealing Wax -Gothic Variety Saver Pack-flexible & mailable
N170X   12PK Sealing Wax- Earthtones Variety Saver Pack-flexible & mailable
N120X   12PK-Sealing Wax- Royal Variety Saver Pack-Flexible & Mailable
N130X   12PkSealing Wax- Metallic Variety Saver Pack-Flexible & Mailable
7525HXX   3-Die Wax Seal Kit with Initial & 2 additional Dies, Wood Handle & Sealing Wax
ROAD1404X   AD1404 Charta Italica 4x6" Single Notecard Set Boxed- by Rossi 1931
C700M1RD   Address Desk Paper Embosser
N8100PNS   Adhesive Initial Wax Seal- 1" Round Victorian Scroll
NI991HPNS   Adhesive Initial Wax Seal- 1" Square Cappolletterra
NI951HPNS   Adhesive Initial Wax Seals-1" Square Filigree Design
LS118PNS   Adhesive Initial Wax Seals- 1 1/4" Round - Laurel Wreath
LS784PNS   Adhesive Initial Wax Seals- 1 1/4" Round - Royal Crown with Edwardian font or Times
NI9500HPNS   Adhesive Initial Wax Seals- 1" round - your choice of popular stock fonts
IN811AGD   Aged Parchment Paper -Stationery & Scroll Paper
600J   Authentic Feather Quill Pen with Hand Cut Nib
JAPRFL   Ballpoint Refill for Feather Quill Pens
M1235   Beginner's Calligraphy 3-Nib Fountain Set
WIBSCHX   Birthstone Bead Charm Dangle
N4540   Brass Melting Spoon with wood handle
754H   Brass Seal "XOXO"
RUSYM   Brass Wax Seal Dies - 3/4" round or square
995HD   Brass Wax Seal Wedding Bell Square
N2311   Bronze Metal & Glass Inkwell with Pen Rest -filled with Ink
N2138BUNI   Burgundy Flexible Sealing Wax-Pack of 2 sticks
M1155   Calligraphy Fountain Pen Set
M146   Calligraphy Masterclass Fountain Pen Set
999H   Calligraphy Nibs forDip Pens- Pack of 5 assorted Nibs.
N7307LGBUEC303   Carpe Diem Journal Writing Set with Burgundy Quill Pen, Ink & Wax Seal
WI931PPX   Cerif Initial Wax Seal Pendant Charm- 7/8"
WI931KYX   Cerif Initial Wax Seal Key Pendant
WI941PPBR   Charm Expandable Sterling Bangle Bracelet-Create Your Own
LS2084XMS   Christmas & Holiday Wax Seal Stamps-1 " die with Wood Handle
765H   Christmas Wax Seal "Peace On Earth-Brass Handle Stamp
790HD   Christmas Wax Seal Reindeer - Brass Handle Stamp
807H   Christmas Wax Seal Snowflake - Brass Handle Stamp
N2138GDNI   Classic Gold Flexible Sealing Wax-Pack of 2 sticks
N2138CONI   Copper Flexible Sealing Wax-Pack of 2 sticks
XXX   Custom Wax Seal Stamp with-Your Logo or Design with Handle
ARTFEE   Custom Artwork Preparation Fee
XXXHPNS   Custom Design Self Adhesive Wax Seals
LS150X   Custom Initial Wax Seal Stamp on 1" Die with Font, Border & handle options
LS846   Custom Wax Seal Stamp on 1" Die with Name, Text & handle options
LS245   Custom Wax Seal with Intertwined Monogram- Wood Handle -1" round die-3 font choices
LS1500   Customizable Animal Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1510   Customizable Antique or Victorian Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1520   Customizable Baby Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1530   Customizable Celtic & Asian Wax Seal Stamp
LS1597XMS   Customizable Christmas Holiday Wax Seal Stamps
LS1540   Customizable Classic/Regal Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1550   Customizable Decorative Elements Wax Seal Stamp
LS1500PNSX   Customizable Design Self Adhesive Wax Seals
LS1560   Customizable Floral, Fruit & Tree Design Wax Seal Stamp with Wood Handle
LS1570   Customizable Hearts & Romance Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS666   Customizable Heraldic Shields Wax Seal Stamp
LS1580   Customizable Hobbies, Sports & Professions Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1597   Customizable Holidays and Occasions Wax Seal Stamp
LS1590   Customizable Insects, Snakes & Reptiles Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1588   Customizable Invitations,Occasions & Sentiment Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1525   Customizable Medieval Symbols & Dragons Wax Seal Stamp
LS1535   Customizable Modern & Trendy Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1545   Customizable Musical Design Wax Seal Stamp with Wood Handle
LS1555   Customizable Mystical & Celestial Design Wax Seal Stamp with Wood Handle
LS1565   Customizable Patriotic & Military Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1575   Customizable Pirates & Skulls Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1585   Customizable Religious Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1593   Customizable Seashore, Fish & Tropical Designs Wax Seal Stamp
LS1595   Customizable Wedding Design Wax Seal Stamp
LS1594   Customizable World Travel Icons Wax Seal Stamp
LS565   Decorative Monogram Wax Seal Kit
N7000BXSTX   Deluxe Gift Box with Red & Gold Flexible Sealing Wax- Wax Seal Stamp sold separately
N7000BXLG   Deluxe Gift Box withRed & Gold Kings Sealing Wax- Wax Seal Stamp sold separately
N1900X   Deluxe Wood Handle -choice of color and shape
C700HH   Desk Paper Embosser Holiday styles
FL23   Desk Paper Embosser with Fleur Design, Name & Address
CMS31   Desk Paper Embosser with Initial & Address 2
C700IN   Desk Paper Embosser with Custom Initials-all letters same size
C700ME   Desk Paper Embosser with Custom Monogram & Address
n2001v2   Dip Pen & Ink Set -Pewter with Ink Blotter & Nibs
N2585   Dip Pen & Ink Set with 2 Inks & 5 Nibs
N1860   Dip Pen & Ink Set- 8 Inks plus pen and nibs
N255807   Dip Pen Desk Set with Glass Inkwell
N5422   Dip Pen Set with Ink and Nibs
1966H   Dip Pen Stylus-Decorated Wood
RO431   Double Notecard Set Boxed - 4 x 6 - La Poste by Rossi 1931
RO415   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 Red Poppy by Rossi 1931
ROBSC096   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 - Blossoms by Rossi 1931
ROBSC020   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 - Classica Blue by Rossi 1931
ROBSC413   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 - Lavendar Delight by Rossi 1931
RO405   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 - Marineria by Rossi 1931
ROPLM002   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 - Peacock by Rossi 1931
ROBSC069   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 - Plumes Multi by Rossi 1931
ROBSC433   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 - Roses by Rossi 1931
ROBSC429   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 -Plum Marble by Rossi 1931
ROBSC403   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6 -Sonata by Rossi 1931
ROBSC099   Double Notecard Set Boxed 4 x 6- Ribbons by Rossi 1931
RO4AGR055B   Double Notecard Set in Keepsake Tin-Classic Cars by Rossi 1931
RO481   Double Notecard Set in Keepsake Tin-Feuilles Leaves by Rossi 1931
ROITWB   Double Notecard Set in Keepsake Tin-Italian Views by Rossi 1931
RO477   Double Notecard Set in Keepsake Tin-Lavendar Fleur by Rossi 1931
ROAGR059   Double Notecard Set in Keepsake Tin-Valentine by Rossi 1931
LS275X   Duogram His & Hers 2-Letter Wax Seal Stamp on 1" Die-Font, Layout & handle options
200H   Electric Melting Pot- -4" US voltage 120V only
EC100X   Embossed Faux Leather Journals 5x7"-Lined By Eccolo
EC900X   Embossed Faux Leather Journals6x8-Lined-by Eccolo
LS1599   Fall & Thanksgiving Wax Seal Stamps with Wood Handle
LS957   Family Crest Wax Seal Stamp- 1 1/8" Die -customize with your Name and Shield
N7307SM   Feather Quill Pen & Ink Set with Quill, Ink & NIbs
N7307SMFLDR   Feather Quill Pen - Antique Brass Handle in folder with nibs
400JPRO   Feather Quill Ballpoint Pen with Custom Logo
N7210FDLR   Feather Quill Nib Pen with Decorated Pewter handle in folder with nibs
N7210   Feather Quill Pen & Ink Set-Decorated Pewter Dip Pen handle
WI951PP   Filigree Initial Wax Seal Pendant Charm- 7/8"
FIN751   Fiorentina Leather and Venetian Hand-Dipped Paper Journal-5x7" by Fiorentina
ROSYMX   Flat Deckled Notecard Sets in Keepsake Tin by Rossi 1931-choice of design
N230   Flexible Letter Sealing Wax- Red-Gold-Silver
N230XX   Flexible Letter Sealing Wax- Popular Color Tri-Packs
N205   Flexible Letter Sealing Wax- Popular Color Tri-Packs - Jade Pearl/Goldenrod/Met. Purple
N220   Flexible Letter Sealing Wax- Popular Color Tri-Packs - LIght Blue/White/Pink
N2138BKNI   Flexible Sealing Wax-Black - Pack of 2 sticks
N2138CHNI   Flexible Sealing Wax-Chocolate- PK of 2
N2138FGNI   Forest Green Flexible Sealing Wax-Pack of 2 sticks
ECE405B   Franciscan Latch Journal 6 x 8 256pg Lined Acid Free-by Eccolo
EC307   Genuine Italian Leather Journal 5x7"-Lined-soft cover-by Eccolo
1400HBX   Gift Box with Gold Flexible Sealing Wax
N2000V2   Glass Inkwell with 2 Pen Rests -filled with Ink
N2007   Glass Inkwell with hinged top
500HAPBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Apple Green
500HAQBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Aqua/Tiffany Blue
500HBPBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Blue Pearl
500HCPBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Champagne Pearl
500HCGBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Classic Gold
500HCOBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Copper
500HEPBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Eggplant
500HEGBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Emerald Green
500HFGBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Forest Green
500HFUBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Fuchsia
500HPUBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Light Purple
500HLIBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Lime Green
500HPXBULK   Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax-Plum Metallic
500HBXBULK   Glue Gun LetterSealing Wax -Bordeaux
500HX   Glue Gun Sealing Wax -order by color
500HSIBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax- Classic Silver
500HGYBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax- Light Grey
500HMSBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax- Metallic Silver
500HGDBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Antique Gold
500HBRBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Berry
500HBKBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Black
500HGPBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Chocolate Pearl
500HCRBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Coral Pink
500HSBBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Empire Blue
500HGRBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Goldenrod
500HIVBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Ivory
500HIPBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Ivory Pearl
500HLPBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Lavendar Pearl
500HMPBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Metallic Purple
500HMGBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Moss Green
500HNABULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Navy Blue
500HOPBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Orange Pearl
500HPPBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Pink Pearl
500HORBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Pumpkin/Burnt Orange
500HRDBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Red
500HRBBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Royal Blue
500HSRBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Sapphire Blue
500HSPBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Soft Pink
500HJPBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Teal
500HPLBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-Umber
500HWHBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-White
500HWPBULK   Glue Gun Sealing Wax-White Pearl
HO9900   Gold or Silver Metallic Leafing Pen
N2138GRNI   Goldenrod Flexible Sealing Wax-Pack of 2 sticks
LS564   Great Gatsby Monogram Wax Seal Kit
LS530BX   Greek Font Wax Seal KIt with Blue Wood Handle & Gold Flexible Sealing Wax
NI2000PNS   Halloween & Fall Self Adhesive Wax Seals-1 1/4"" size
813HX   Halloween Wax Seal Pumpkin - Brass Handle Stamp
LS1598   Halloween Wax Seal Stamps with Wood Handle
FIB2017DS   Hand Crafted Refillable Italian Leather Journal "6x8" -Renaissance by Fiorentina
EC800X   Hand Made Patterned Journals 5x7"-Lined 256pg Acid Free by Eccolo
RONBX   Hard Cover Notebooks 6x8-Elastic Closure- by Rossi 1931
BU400HP   Harry Potter Feather Ballpoint Pen & Parchment Writing Bundle-Black Pen
BU425HP   Harry-Potter -style Quill & Ink Writing Bundle with Owl Wax Seal
BU440HP   Harry-Potter Feather Quill Ballpoint Pen Set with stand
BU420HP   Harry-Potter Quill & Ink Set -Young Wizard's Writing Bundle
WI941PPX   Heart Initial Wax Seal Pendant Charm- 7/8"
DX876HBX   Heart Wax Seal Kit Deluxe
LS753   Heraldic Symbol Shield Custom Wax Seal with Banner Name or Text -Deluxe Wood Handle
LS295X   His & Hers Couple's Wax Seal Stamp on 1" Die- Names & Dates Layouts with Handle options
WI720MSX   Initial Gold Plated Wax Seal Accent Charm- 5/8"
N8906BXLO   Initial Letter Opener & Italian Classica Stationery Set
519HN   Initial Letter Opener with Red Tassel
WI700MSRIX   Initial Mini Charm Wax Seal Ring
ROINZ001   Initial Notecard Set Boxed 3 x 5 - Peacock by Rossi 1931
N8906BX   Initial Wax Seal & Italian Classica Stationery Set
ROFZN2BU   Initial Wax Seal & Italian Stationery Set Boxed-Classica

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