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This table below shows the differences in each of the waxes we sell.

Sealing Wax FAQ
Over the years these are the most frequently asked questions:
What is the difference in the quality and look of the Sealing Wax Types?
Modern Sealing Waxes have a different composition than Traditional Sealing Waxes. They are more satin finish in look, although many metallic and pearlized colors have a lovely sheen and gloss. Most importantly, they have a very strong bond and are very flexible and are sold in variety of different formats.

Traditional Sealing Wax is known for its high gloss and excellent impression quality, but is breakable to a greater extent.

What tools do I need for using Sealing Wax?
Sealing Wax Sticks with a Wick - no tools needed - just light and drip.

Bead Sealing Wax - Can be melted in a spoon over a candle or burner, but we also offer additional accessories that makes this faster and easier, such as a Melting Pot.

Glue Gun Sealing Wax
- Requires the use of a Glue Gun (low temp ) -0.44 diameter-not Mini size. Can also be metled in a pot.

Wickless Sealing Wax
- Can me melted over a flame, although this requires a bit of technique- the use of a melting pot is recommended for speedier application.

How many impressions do I get per stick of Sealing Wax?
This depends on the Sealing Wax type and whether you apply the wax on a conservative side or enjoy a large application of wax on each seal. The following are our best estimates using a 3/4" Stamp Die with a average size rim:
Bead Sealing Wax: - 5 to 6 beads per impression-about 200 impressions per 8oz. pack

Flexible Sealing Wax Sticks with a wick: - 12 to15 impressions (3/4" Die )

Glue Gun Sealing Wax:
3/4"(20mm) Die -10-12 impressions per stick
1" Die (25mm) - 8-9 impressions
1 1/8" Die (30mm)- 6-7 impressions
1 3/8" Die (35mm) - 5 impressions
1 3/4" Die (45mm) - 3 impressions

Kings Wax - 20 to 25 impressions per stick

Wickless Sealing Wax: 18 to 20 impressions per stick

Will the wax adhere to all types of paper?
It will adhere to most types of commonly used paper, but papers with a heavy wax coating, such as vellum can cause the wax to peel off. We do not recommend the use of very thin low quality paper as this will have the wax bleed through on the other side.
What is the fastest and easiest way to apply Sealing Wax for a large mailing?
Glue Gun Sealing Wax is by far the easiest and fastest way- it is low cost, totally flexible and mailable and makes a large amount of wax seals in a short amount of time.In addition the wax seals can easily be made ahead of item and then applied with self adhesive double sided labels.
What different melting options are available for each Sealing Wax Type:
Bead Sealing Wax:- Melt in a spoon over a flame (candle or burner) or in a Melting Pot for larger volume projects

Flexible Sealing Wax Sticks with a wick: Light & drip only.

Glue Gun Sealing Wax:- Use of Glue Gun Sealing is the easiest and best method of all-not recommended for individual stick applications as it take at least 2 sticks to push through the chamber and 2-3 sticks to clear out a color. Therefore this is the best wax to use for mass applications. This wax can also be melted in a melting pot.

Kings Wax - Light & drip only.

Wickless Sealing Wax: Light and hold over candle or melt in Melting Pot.
How should envelopes with wax seals be mailed through the Post Office?
Modern Sealing Waxes: Yes, people have mailed sealed envelopes through the modern postal service for dozens of years. Using modern flexible and mailable sealing wax applied directly to the envelope is the best way to ensure that your wax seal will stay intact through the process, even with modern postal sorting machines. While damaged seals are indeed a rarity, hand cancelling by the Post Office can add an additional layer of security.
Traditional Sealing Waxes: When it comes to traditional sealing wax, these are more breakable. Kings Wax has a flex agent and a better bond than Original Formula Wax, which is completely breakable. Kings wax should be mailed in a protective envelope and/or hand cancelled. Original Formula is used more for decorative purposes.

The largest recommended size that is mailable on he outside of an envelope is the 1 1/8" die ( finished wax seal 1 1/4". Any larger wax seals are over the regulations set by the Post Office and are more likely to be damaged by the postal sorting machines.
What safety concerns should I be aware of when using Sealing Wax?

  • Please exercise caution, common sense and care in the use of our Sealing Wax Products and take appropriate fire safety precautions.
  • Sealing Wax is not recommended for use by children without adult supervision.
  • Sealing Waxes when melted are hot and can burn when coming in contact with skin.
  • Some Sealing Waxes (such as Waxes with wicks) are melted with an open flame and you must be careful not
  • to hold the wax too close to the paper when dripped.
  • Some Accessories that we sell get hot and you can get a burn if you touch them.
Please understand the necessity of this disclaimer and when ordering you are agreeing to use our products at your own discretion and risk.
Please visit our Video Library for demonstrations on how to use our Sealing Waxes. These videos are also shown on the individual Product Pages of each Sealing Wax Type.