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1.) All Requests must be submitted on this form- sorry, we cannot accept requests verbally over the phone.

2.) Please be as detailed as possible in your description of the changes you need or the artwork you envision to help us create the art properly. Please submit photographs or any art you have, on which you base your request
Many elements in artwork design are very subjective and your descriptions will help us to re-create your specific vision.

3.) Please note that our Design Services are limited to creating a design that is ordered in conjunction (at the same time) as your Wax Seal Stamp. You will receive one free proof with two free revisions. Additional changes not specified earlier will be for an additional cost.

4.) Our art fees are very reasonable, but If you do not want to proceed with the stamp, you will still be liable for the graphics fee to compensate our artists for the time they spent on your design.

5.)As our artwork services are limited to preparing artwork for wax seal stamp engraving, we reserve the right to reject any requests not deemed suitable for this purpose or too complex for this purpose, or exceed more than one hour of graphics design service..

Please complete the form after following the link below:
Artwork Fee Design Quote