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    Artwork Type & Quality:

    • We can only use solid black and white artwork. We cannot reproduce color, shading or grayscale in artwork.
    • We accept the following file formats" AI, EPS, TIFF, PSD, PDF, CDR, JPG, PNG, GIF.
    • Image artwork must be at least 300 dpi to produce vector artwork. 6x6" printable file works best.
    • No shadings or color
    • No 3-dimensional art
    • No photographs please
    • No Hand Drawings (unless lines are crisp and clean , such as with a black marker than could be converted to graphic art)
    • Please do NOT reverse art-we will do so in the engraving process

    Other Specifications:

    • We do not reproduce copyrighted, trade marked or licensed art without
    • Pricing Shown on our website assumes that your artwork meets the above specifications-if modifications are needed we will advise you. You can make such modifications yourself or we can make them for you for an additional fee which is quoted on a case by case basis

    We have provided artwork templates below for your convenience. Please download and layout your artwork on the template- shrinking it down to the required size will show you any issues with your artwork (such as details that merge together)


    15mm Round (0.57")
    20mm Round (3/4")
    25mm Round (1")
    30mm Round (1 1/8")35mm Round (1 3/8")40mm Round (1.57")45mm Round (1 3/4"50mm Round (2")

    20mm SquareSmall:

    20mm Hexagonal (3/4")

    30 x 20mm Oval (1 1/8")30mm Square (1 1/8")

    40x20mm Oval (1.57"40x20mm Rectangle (1.57")

    50x25mm Rectangle (2x1")

    • How to Choose your Die Size:

      • Basic art only should be engraved on a 3/4" die. Our new small 15mm die is best only for very tiny single Initials or very small basic art. This die size is especially suitable for making Jewelry Charms.
      • Most other artworks (except high detail crests) should be engraved on a 1” Round Die – the most popular size
      • Crests and similar high detail art should be on a 1 1/8” or larger Die.
      • Wide perspective art can be in Oval or Rectangular Shape , but sometimes may also work on Round Shapes.
      • We now offer very large die sizes (35mm to 45mm) which enable you to get a lot more detail but please remember that these large die sizes take a lot of wax per seal!.

      Remember-on complex art- the larger the die the better the details will be visible.

    Here is an example of a detailed family crest progressing in size from 3/4", 1", and at the larger sizes we offer.As you can see, complex artwork on a small sized die will not be legible.

    Detailed artwork should be reserved for larger sized dies of 1 1/8" and larger. Dies up to 35MM 1 3/8" and 45MM or 1.75" in size are available as well.

    Specialty Services:
    Negative Engraving - We can create stamps with Negative Engraving- this typically means that the background is engraved rather than the art itself. This means the background is raised in wax in the final result) and the art itself is depressed into the wax. This type of artwork needs to be submitted with the background in black and the artwork in white. There is an additional fee for this service, depending on the die size and detail level of the engraving. This type of Engraving is only recommended for specific uses or specific artworks-please see further details in the section below.
    To the Edge Engraving: - We can engrave stamps to the edge- this is a special service as our normal engraving leaves a safe space around the edge. Additional fee may apply.
    Extra Depth Engraving: Our normal Engraving depth which gives nice definition is 0.75mm. We can engrave extra depth in 0.75 increments up to 2.25mm maximum. This is very deep and in most cases a 1.5mm depth should be sufficient, as this is approximately double the normal engraving depth. There is an additional fee for this service-please inquire.
    Example of Die with Negative Engraving to the edge with Extra Depth:
    Engraving to the edge of the Die:
    We can engrave to the edge of the die as an extra service- this is not what we do normally as there usually is a safe space to the edge to insure proper positioning. Engraving to the edge of the die requires extra set-up time and therefore there is an extra fee for this service.

    2-D Engraving:
    We can in some cases create a 2-D Engraving, meaning some areas are engraved at a different depth than others. This is entirely dependent on the artwork and can only be applied to solid specific areas within the artwork. Each area is engraved at a specific depth, one lower than the other. The outcome depends on the art and we can review and quote this service on a case by case basis.
    Example of 2-D Text and Number engraved deeper than flame

    3-D Engraving: Not available at this time.


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    Artwork Tips & Hints-More Info

    Line Thickness

    Typically the minimum recommended line thickness (stroke size) is .75pt to 1.0pt stroke AT FINAL SIZE OF THE DIE. (Stroke weight is measured when the artwork is at the size of the finished piece to be engraved. If you order a 3/4 inch die, stroke weight must be .75pt at 3/4 inch diameter”.

    Thin lines in your art can be engraved on the stamp, but that does not mean they will make a good impression as the wax needs to get into the grooves and make the impression.

    Typically, if the lines in your artwork need to be thickened, and can be thickened without impacting your design, we will do so in the proofing and engraving process, if that is possible. When you are looking at your proof, please remember that the graphic proof will always look thicker than the actual impression in wax.

    However, sometimes it is not possible to thicken lines without the details merging together in some arts and it would alter the artwork- in these cases we recommend making artwork adjustments to compensate for this.

    Shadings or Colored Art:

    Shadings and Colored Art cannot be reproduced on a stamp - We require black and white line art. You will need to convert the art to solid black and white, remove any shadings and possibly redesign some areas.

    Text Minimum Size:

    Please remember that words can be very challenging to read when imprinted in wax. The larger the font and the larger the die, the better the outcome will be. On smaller dies our recommended Text Size for legibility in wax (not graphic art) is 4mm at the die’s actual size. On 35mm and 45mm die sizes we can typically work with 2mm-3mm text sizes but this depends entirely on the font type.

    The Font Type is also important for the readability of your text- block fonts are easier to read than script fonts, capital letters are easier to read than lowercase letters.

    Detail Level:

    When looking at artwork that is magnified larger than its final engraved size, it is often not possible to see the problems with complex and detailed artwork until you view it at its final size. Please look at your proof at the final engraving size and you will be able to see if small details blend together or merge to form solid black areas. If this is the case, you should enlarge these details or accept them as is, if the outcome is not important to you.

    Negative Engraving Areas:

    In Wax Seal Stamps it is customary to engrave the black areas presented in your artwork, which are then translated into raised areas when the finished stamp is pressed into hot wax. Therefore, we suggest that you prepare your art so that your design is solid black on a white background, so that the design is what is engraved and not the background. If your artwork contains negative engraving areas (White Spaces in the midst of Black Areas), reproduction of these areas are dependent on some limitations- we will advise you accordingly if that is the case. While such negative engraving areas look good in graphic art, they often do not produce the same result when impressed in wax, because they will make the background raised and stand out, rather than the design. However, sometimes it can look fine and work well with your art. Some Negative Engraving Fees may apply on a case by case basis.

    High Detail Surcharge:

    On some artwork that is very high detail, we may need to assess and additional surcharge on a case by case basis. This mean that your artwork will have a very long run time in our engraving machine; substantially longer than normal, either due to the level of detail, the large engraving area and or the die size or all of the above.


    We only recommend if they are part of the design element of your art, as borders generally reduce the size of your main engraving. Therefore, please do not place a border around your artwork unless you wish it engraved.

    Share your Vision:

    Please share any details as to specific expectations on your stamp with us so that we can be sure to give you the best result possible.

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