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How it Works:
  • All of our pricing and detail information for Custom Logo Wax Seal Stamps can be found on our website Click here to view
  • It is not necessary to obtain a quote from us as all of our pricing is standard based on the die size.
  • In all cases we will review your order, advise if there are any issues with your artwork and send you a proof for your final approval before production begins. Your order is not final until this step has been completed and you can cancel the order at any time prior to the final approval. This is the fastest way to get your order in process and have us review your artwork.

Not ready to place your order? I
f you are uncertain whether your artwork would work or the die size you should order, you can request an Artwork Review.
We aim to complete such reviews within 1-2 business Days . However, we highly recommend you proceed directly to ordering the stamp, as it is usually faster if you simply place the order. We will review your artwork during the proofing process and advise of any issues. Only One Artwork Review per customer please.