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We are happy to serve our International Customers and GLADLY ship all over the world on a daily basis!
Shipping Rates - How it works: Our rates are based on the total weight of your order. When you place the items in your cart, our system will automatically calculate the weight f your order and provide you with your shipping costs, based on the estimated weight of your order. A majority of out items are small and most orders fall in the 2-3 lb. category. However, there are some exceptions and the best way to find you accurate shipping cost is to place the items in your cart.
Below are the basic rates you will pay:

The main services we use for International Packages is via the Postal Service. This is the only reasonably priced shipping method for small value packages. Customs Brokerage Fees are not typically assessed for Mail Parcels, although duties and taxes may still be due.

Please note however that the above-mentioned transit times are your average transit times and that they are not guaranteed, as they also do not include Customs Processing Times, which can vary. Please note that packages are not trackable once they leave the US until they are through the Customs Clearance process in your country.

If your order value exceeds $200 you will also be offered a UPS air transport option as an alternate choice. This method can be economical on higher value orders where speed and continuous trackability is of utmost importance, it is also a guaranteed service, excluding the customs clearance time period.

Countries Served:
Please note that we ship to most countries with some exceptions due to service limitations by the Postal Service. In some cases, Priority Mail service may be available, but not Express Service. We reserve the right to reject any order that is not deemed serviceable within the postal guidelines or that are rejected by our credit card processing company and we will contact any client whose order cannot be shipped within the requested service level.

Cancellation Policy: Please note that International Orders are considered firm and not cancellable or returnable.

If your country is not shown in the drop-down menu of countries served upon the check-out this means we currently do not ship to this country.

Weight Limitation: Our standard rate table included orders up to 8 lbs. Should the order exceed the weight of 8 lbs., you will be contacted with the actual freight charge for either these services or alternate UPS International Worldwide Service before processing your order.

Customs Clearance: Please note that you will be responsible for all Customs Duties and charges that may be assessed. These vary depending on the value of the order, the shipping method and your countries Custom rules and regulations. Please contact the agency in your country for the details.
"Goods purchased and imported into the EU / UK with a value over 18 (for VAT purposes) and over 135 (for Import duty purposes), are subject to Customs charges. Also, an additional Handling Fee of 8.00 will be applied by Royal Mail."

Currency Conversion: Credit Card charges for such orders will be converted at the prevailing rate used by the credit card company. If you require information on these rates, please contact your credit card company.

Transit Times / Tracking Packages: Please note that all transit times are estimates, and are not guaranteed arrival times by either us or the Post Office. While most packages are delivered within this time frame, there are occasional delays and exceptions, sometimes related to Customs clearance over which we have no control. Customs clearance procedures vary from country to country. Most packages do arrive within this time frame, but if your order is time sensitive we strongly encourage you to use the International UPS Air option for a special rate quote.

How to track you package once it leaves our facility:
You will receive a Tracking Number from us when our package ships.

UPS International Mail Service Packages can be tracked until they leave the US. After it leaves the US, the package will not scan again until after the Customs Clearance has been completed in your country. Once this has been completed the package can once again be tracked through delivery. However, we would caution that mail delivery services vary a great deal from country to country, and we have no control over these delivery services and cannot be responsible for the timely delivery of these package, which can be affected by customs clearance, payment of duties and taxes and local delivery methods. If you have a problem with delivery of you package we strongly encourage you to contact the postal service in your country that will complete this delivery for additional information, as we have no control over this service and there is unfortunately nothing we can do to assist with postal authorizes in other countries. As this method of shipping is not a guaranteed service, we or the Postal Service will not issue a refund in the event of a late delivery.
UPS Worldwide Packages: These packages can be tracked throughout the process online with the UPS Tracking Number Provided.

Claims Procedures - Lost or Damaged Packages
Lost or Misdelivered Packages: In the event your shipment has not reached you, we recommend first that you track the shipment with your carrier using the Tracking Number we have provided. In most cases the issue can be resolved by doing so. Sometimes packages are misdelivered or left with a neighbor, or even someone in your home may have accepted the delivery without your knowing. Therefore, it is a good idea to investigate first what may have happened to your package. Most often, checking with your local Post Office or Carrier also resolves the issue and the package is often found, and delivered.

If the package is lost due to a bad address provided to us, the package most likely will be returned to us, which can take several weeks. Once we receive the package back we will refund you for the cost of the merchandise.

If the package is permanently lost, that is the Postal Service cannot locate the package, we will need to file a claim on your behalf. However, in order to do so the Postal Service must deem your package officially lost so that the claim will be honored. This may take several weeks.

Damaged, Partial Goods received:
If you have received damaged items due to a delivery problem or a box damage, please follow our claims procedure as follows: In this case we request also that you send us a photo of the box, the label, damaged goods (if any) and the inside of the box as you received it. We will advise you how we will resolve the matter once we have received your claim.