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Glue Gun Sealing Wax Instructions

1. Insert Glue Gun Stick into any standard size 7/16" glue gun and let gun heat up. (Low melt glue guns should heat up for 5-7 minutes. We strongly recommend a low-melt glue gun, as the high heat glue guns will melt the wax to a higher degree than necessary and will cause bubbles in the wax.

2. Moisten your Seal (can be done with a wet sponge, rubbing a touch of oil, or with our Stamp Pads). Pay special attention to the grooves. For best results, we recommend our metal brass seals or dies which make a clean and detailed impression and are created just for this purpose. You can also keep the wax seal cool on a piece of ice if you are making a lot of impressions, which will heat up the metal over time.

3. Press the trigger (or press palm trigger) and squeeze the amount of wax necessary for your seal (In low-temp guns the flow is easier to control; in hot-temp glue guns the wax will be thinner so allow a few seconds to dry)

4. Take your moistened seal and insert in the hot wax. Press firmly and then pull up (only hold in hot wax for 1-2 seconds).

5. Any treads of wax from the glue gun can be allowed to harden and then can be brushed away.

It is a good idea to practice a bit first so you will learn how to produce the right amount of wax repeatedly for the size of seal you want, and practice impressing your seal too. If you are mailing a large quantity of seals, we recommend dripping the wax on a mirror or glass surface (or wax paper) , impress and let the seal dry. Then remove and attach your wax seal with strong peel n' stick labels or glue to your mailing piece. This avoids any spoiled pieces and is the fastest and most efficient way to create a large quantity of seals.

As always, practice makes perfect and your seals will look beautiful! And remember, a wax seal does not have to be perfectly round--quite the contrary--it should look handmade.