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Wax Seal Stamps
Make your Mark and return to the elegance and tradition of a bygone era with unique Wax Seal Stamps.
All Deeply engraved to create truly rich impressions in wax.
From a large variety of Stock Fonts and Symbols to Custom Monogram Layouts and even your own design, plus a variety of handle options - we offer only Quality Wax Stamps that have stood the test of time.

Single Initials Monograms, Duograms & Names
A selection of popular fonts plus our own unique Initial designs distinguishes our collection.
Build your Own Wax Seal - Personalize & Customize on our Professional Layouts.
Custom Design or Logo Stock Symbols
Your Design or Logo, hand engraved on a Custom Wax Seal. Fast & easy. Different Handle and die size options available.
Our complete selection of over 200 stock symbols and a variety of handles is sure to include a design for every season and reason.
Glass or Wood Handle Interchangeable Wax Seals Wax & Seal Kits & Gift Sets
Mix N' Match Interchangeable Wood or Glass Handles and dies. $7.95 and up.

Classic Wax & Seal Gift Sets in a large variety of styles.

Wedding Wax Seal Collection
Add a special touch and make a lasting impression by embellishing  your Wedding Invitations with our Genuine Wax Seals. A selection of our Wedding Bestsellers.
Since time immemorial, the wax seal has served as a stamp of indisputable authenticity, just as a signature is accepted in the world today. Our Personalized Wax Seals add a touch of elegance and creativity, with a multitude of options available in Sealing Wax colors and types. Initial Wax Seal Stamps, Monogram Wax Seals and over 150 unique symbols available on Wax Seal Stamps. Our Wax Seal Shop also offers your own Wax Seal Custom Logo Design on deeply engraved and finely detailed Custom Wax Seal Stamps to make each impression stand out. With over 60 years of experience in introducing Wax Seals and Sealing Wax to the American market, we are happy to offer a product line that is unmatched in quality and range. All of our sealing wax is easy to use - from handmade original sealing waxes, totally flexible sealing waxes to the modern type glue gun waxes - each makes a distinct and colorful impression. And remember, wax seals are not meant to be perfect - each one is unique and beautiful with it's own idiosyncracy and unique shape created by you. A personal touch that every recipient will surely remember.