#4 How to Choose A Die Size
Last Updated: 10/29/2019

How to Choose your Die Size:

  • The most important questions are : How detailed is the art and what how big you want the final seal to be?
  • Rule 1 :Simple art with not much detail can be engraved on any size die you wish - note that 1" is the most popular size especially for mailing. If you want mail the seal on the outside of an envelope you should not exceed 1 1/8" in die size due to postal regulations.
  • Rule 2: The more detailed the art, the larger the die size should be. It is simply a fact that as you shrink art, details merge - so the larger the better when it comes to detailed art. Use our artwork templates to test your art.

  • Only very basic art only should be engraved on a 3/4" die. Our new small 15mm die is best only for very tiny single Initials or very small basic art. This die size is especially suitable for making Jewelry Charms.
  • Most other artworks (except higher detail crests) can be engraved on a 1 Round Die the most popular size
  • Crests and similar high detail art should be on a 1 1/8 or larger Die. Also texts are b est on a 1 1/8" die so that the text can be large enough to be legible.
  • Wide perspective art can be in Oval or Rectangular Shape , but sometimes may also work on Round Shapes.
  • We now offer very large die sizes (35mm, 45mm and 50mm) which enable you to get a lot more detail but please remember that these large die sizes take a lot of wax per seal!.

Remember-on complex art- the larger the die the better the details will be visible.

Here is an example of a detailed family crest progressing in size from 3/4", 1", and at the larger sizes we offer.As you can see, complex artwork on a small sized die will not be legible.

Detailed artwork should be reserved for larger sized dies of 1 1/8" and larger. Dies up to 50MM 2" and in defferent shapes and sizes are available as well.

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