#3 :Can your Adhesive Wax Seals go through the mail ?
Last Updated: 10/17/2019
Yes, pre-made Adhesive Wax Seals are mailable and flexible.
We use a high bond adhesive double-sided backing that stands up very well to modern mailing and sorting machines. While we cannot guarantee 100% that there will never be a "snag" in the mailing, we know from our users and from test experiences that this is indeed a rarity. Again, hand cancelling by the Post Office can add an additional layer of security. There is sometimes a small fee for this service, depending on the local Post office.
Since the wax seals are very minimal in weight, additional postal costs are usually not applicable, unless your mailing piece happens to be on the next threshhold of weight & cost increase.
You will want to keep within postal regulations of using sizes up to 1 1/4" maximum. The larger sizes should only be used for decorative purposes.

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