#9 Negative Engraving Areas
Last Updated: 10/17/2019
In Wax Seal Stamps it is customary to engrave the black areas presented in your artwork, which are then translated into raised areas when the finished stamp is pressed into hot wax.

Therefore, we suggest that you prepare your art so that your design is solid black on a white background, so that the design is what is engraved and not the background.

Negative Engraving Areas (White Spaces in the midst of Black Areas):

Reproduction of these areas are dependent on some limitations- we will advise you accordingly if that is the case. While such negative engraving areas look good in graphic art, they often do not produce the same result when impressed in wax, because they will make the background raised and stand out, rather than the design. However, sometimes it can look fine and work well with your art. Some Negative Engraving Fees may apply on a case by case basis.

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