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#1 -Do you have a Quick-Start Guide to learn Calligraphy?
Introducing You to Calligraphy and the Art of Fine Writing This guide offers some great tips in how to get started using different Calligraphy P
#1 : What are your Adhesive Wax Seals made from and how are they made ?
All of our Self Adhesive Wax Seals are made from Genuine Sealing Wax - in fact we use our Glue Gun Sealing Waxes to create each one by hand. There are 45+ colors to choose from. The wax is disbursed
#1 : What is the difference between Wax Seal Stamps, Chocolate Stamps and Ice Stamps?
The type of engraving is the difference between these stamps. Wax Seal Stamps are engraved so that the art is engraved into the brass die, which then makes a raised impression in wax. This stamp
#1 : What type of Sealing Wax should I choose and how do I use them?
How-to Videos available on this page! There are two basic wax categories: Modern or Traditional Sealing Waxes - each having its own uses and characteristics . Modern Sea
#1 Artwork Types & Formats
Acceptable Formats- Learn more about the formats we accept. Artwork Type & Quality: We can only use solid black and white artwork. We cannot reproduce color, shading or grayscale in artwork. We accep
#1 Artwork Upload Links
Please use the following links to upload your artwork: P lease place the product in your basket and proceed through check-out before uploading artwork, so that you can obtain an order number . **
#10 What is your Sealing Wax Made of?
The generic composition of our modern Sealing Waxes in Glue Gun, Bead and Flexible Stick form consists Refined Paraffin waxes, Microcrystalline Waxes and color Pigments. These components impart the pe
#2 -Die Size Templates
We have provided artwork templates below for your convenience. Please download and layout your artwork on the template- shrinking it down to the required size will show you any issues with your ar
#2 : Are your Adhesive Wax Seals easy to use ?
A resounding "YES!". It could not be easier- take a look at our video!
#2 : Besides Invitations and Stationery, what else can I put my Wax Seal on?
Wax Seal Stamps can be used in many ways! Check out our videos.
#2 What are the different types of Calligraphy Pens?
What is a Calligraphy Pen? When searching online for a new calligraphy pen you may find that the results often will direct you to “fountain calligraphy pens”. This may lead to some confu
#2-How many Impressions Per Stick?
How many impressions do I get per stick of Sealing Wax? This depends on the Sealing Wax type and whether you apply the wax on a conservative side or enjoy a large application of wax on each seal. The
#3 : What other personal uses are there for Wax Seal Stamps?
Wax Seal Stamps can also be used to make impressions in other mediums besides wax! Wax seal stamps can also be used to personalize Chocolates, Cookies , Making Wax Seal Jewelry and much more.These st
#3 :Can your Adhesive Wax Seals go through the mail ?
Yes, pre-made Adhesive Wax Seals are mailable and flexible. We use a high bond adhesive double-sided backing that stands up very well to modern mailing and sorting machines. While we cannot guara
#3 Can envelopes with wax seals be mailed through the Post Office?
Can envelopes with wax seals be mailed through the Post Office? Yes! Modern Sealing Waxes are mailable and flexible - people have mailed sealed envelopes through the modern postal service for dozens
#3 Detail Level Examples
When looking at artwork that is magnified larger than its final engraved size, it is often not possible to see the problems with complex and detailed artwork until you view it at its final size. Pleas
#3 How do I refill a Manuscript brand Ink converter?
Click here to view an easy to follow video.
#4 : What corporate uses are there for Wax Seal Stamps?
Decorative Wax Seal Accents are a great way to elevate your brand, offering creative solutions that make a great first impression. Whether you use a stamp & wax to brand your
#4 :What sizes and colors are available in your Adhesive Wax Seals ?
There are currently 45+ colors available - View Color Chart here. Sorry, we do not currently offer custom color blends at this time. The typical and most popular size offered on most standard templat
#4 Do you have a printable Instruction Booklet?
Yes we do offer one here :