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#1 : What is the difference between Wax Seal Stamps, Chocolate Stamps and Ice Stamps?
The type of engraving is the difference between these stamps. Wax Seal Stamps are engraved so that the art is engraved into the brass die, which then makes a raised impression in wax. This stamp
#2 : Besides Invitations and Stationery, what else can I put my Wax Seal on?
Wax Seal Stamps can be used in many ways! Check out our videos.
#3 : What other personal uses are there for Wax Seal Stamps?
Wax Seal Stamps can also be used to make impressions in other mediums besides wax! Wax seal stamps can also be used to personalize Chocolates, Cookies , Making Wax Seal Jewelry and much more. In addi
#4 : What corporate uses are there for Wax Seal Stamps?
Decorative Wax Seal Accents are a great way to elevate your brand, offering creative solutions that make a great first impression. Whether you use a stamp & wax to brand your
#5 : What Standard Fonts do you offer?
Our Font Library has dozens of standard font options. In addition, we can create stamps with your font styles upon request.
#6 : What Border Options do you offer as standard?
Borders are not necessary for stamps, as the edge of the stamp creates a natural border in and of itself. However, decorative borders are available and can offer a nice way to add a special design el
#6 :How can I order Wax Stamp with my own monogram initials?
You can start with our Monogram Maker , which let's you create your own Monogram in a variety of layouts, font and borders with a preview. In addition, our standard templates offer many ready to orde
#7 :What options do you offer for Wedding Invitations?
For Wedding Monograms or Symbols you will find a large selection here. We can also of course recreate your wedding logo on a wax seal stamp or even an ice stamp - to make a perfect lasting impression
#8 Can you help me design my own Wax Seal Stamp?
Please view and complete our Artwork Design Request form here and we will do our best to design a Wax Seal Stamp of your very own!