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#1 : What type of Sealing Wax should I choose and how do I use them?
How-to Videos available on this page! There are two basic wax categories: Modern or Traditional Sealing Waxes - each having its own uses and characteristics . Modern Sea
#10 What is your Sealing Wax Made of?
The generic composition of our modern Sealing Waxes in Glue Gun, Bead and Flexible Stick form consists Refined Paraffin waxes, Microcrystalline Waxes and color Pigments. These components impart the pe
#2-How many Impressions Per Stick?
How many impressions do I get per stick of Sealing Wax? This depends on the Sealing Wax type and whether you apply the wax on a conservative side or enjoy a large application of wax on each seal. The
#3 Can envelopes with wax seals be mailed through the Post Office?
Can envelopes with wax seals be mailed through the Post Office? Yes! Modern Sealing Waxes are mailable and flexible - people have mailed sealed envelopes through the modern postal service for dozens
#4 Is all Sealing Wax the same?
Is all sealing wax the same across different brands? No, just like with most other consumer goods, there are quality and style differences that affect the outcome. Depending on the formula used as we
#5 Best Applications for Large Mailings
What is the fastest and easiest way to apply Sealing Wax for a large mailing? Glue Gun Sealing Wax is by far the easiest and fastest way- it is low cost, totally flexible and mailable and makes a lar
#6 Melting Tools
What tools do I need for using Sealing Wax? As mentioned, Wax Sticks with a wick do not require any melting tools- just light and drip. If you are using a wax that requires a melting tool, we offer s
#7 Adherence to Paper
Will the wax adhere to all types of paper? It will adhere to most types of commonly used paper, but papers with a heavy wax coating, such as vellum can cause the wax to peel off. We do not recommend
#8 The History of Sealing Wax & Seals
Would you be interested in the history of wax seals, which has been traced back to Anno Domini 930? The use of seals can be traced back to the Old Testament, where it mentions that Jezebel used A
#9 :Will your Sealing Wax melt during shipping or mailing ?
No, not under normal circumstances. The melting point of this wax is over 220 degrees, so in normal circumstances this should not be an issue. However, if it were left in a closed car for many hours
Safety Concerns
What safety concerns should I be aware of when using Sealing Wax? Please exercise caution, common sense and care in the use of our Sealing Wax Products and take appropriate fire safety precautions. S