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Stamp Die Size Chart
Wax Seal Die Size Chart
#4 How to Choose A Die Size
How to Choose your Die Size: The most important questions are : How detailed is the art and what how big you want the final seal to be? Rule 1 :Simple art with not much detail can be engraved o
#2 -Die Size Templates
We have provided artwork templates below for your convenience. Please download and layout your artwork on the template- shrinking it down to the required size will show you any issues with your ar
#8 Borders
We only recommend if they are part of the design element of your art, as borders generally reduce the size of your main engraving. Therefore, please do not place a border around your artwork
Specialty Services -Engraving Options
Specialty Services: Negative Engraving - We can create stamps with Negative Engraving- this typically means that the background is engraved rather than the art itself. This means the backgroun
#5 Line Text Minimum Size
Please remember that words can be very challenging to read when imprinted in wax. The larger the font and the larger the die, the better the outcome will be. On smaller dies our recommended
#6 Melting Tools
What tools do I need for using Sealing Wax? As mentioned, Wax Sticks with a wick do not require any melting tools- just light and drip. If you are using a wax that requires a melting tool, we offer s
#2-How many Impressions Per Stick?
How many impressions do I get per stick of Sealing Wax? This depends on the Sealing Wax type and whether you apply the wax on a conservative side or enjoy a large application of wax on each seal. The
#3 Can envelopes with wax seals be mailed through the Post Office?
Can envelopes with wax seals be mailed through the Post Office? Yes! Modern Sealing Waxes are mailable and flexible - people have mailed sealed envelopes through the modern postal service for dozens
#8 The History of Sealing Wax & Seals
Would you be interested in the history of wax seals, which has been traced back to Anno Domini 930? The use of seals can be traced back to the Old Testament, where it mentions that Jezebel used A
#4 :What sizes and colors are available in your Adhesive Wax Seals ?
There are currently 45+ colors available - View Color Chart here. Sorry, we do not currently offer custom color blends at this time. The typical and most popular size offered on most standard templat