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Stamp Die Size Chart
Wax Seal Die Size Chart
#9 Negative Engraving Areas
In Wax Seal Stamps it is customary to engrave the black areas presented in your artwork, which are then translated into raised areas when the finished stamp is pressed into hot wax. Therefore,
Specialty Services -Engraving Options
Specialty Services: Negative Engraving - We can create stamps with Negative Engraving- this typically means that the background is engraved rather than the art itself. This means the backgroun
#1 Artwork Upload Links
Please use the following links to upload your artwork: FOR ORDERS ONLY: P lease place the product in your basket and proceed through check-out before uploading artwork, so that you can obtain an
#6 :How can I order Wax Stamp with my own monogram initials?
You can start with our Monogram Maker , which let's you create your own Monogram in a variety of layouts, font and borders with a preview. In addition, our standard templates offer many ready to orde
#7 :What options do you offer for Wedding Invitations?
For Wedding Monograms or Symbols you will find a large selection here. We can also of course recreate your wedding logo on a wax seal stamp or even an ice stamp - to make a perfect lasting impression
Artwork Review and Quote Request Form
Find a Form to request a FREE Review and Quote for your Artwork here